It seems that Halloween is not a day, but a month these days.
Which is great as I started to think it was a holiday that had been lost for the kids and only maintained by the adults.
I was wrong.
The kids dig it! The costume thing is awesome for them....and the candy....well....who can say no to the candy?

the above shot is of Dean and myself at the National Zoo for Boo At the Zoo
Trick or Treating at the Zoo
Get to check out all the animals at night doing some sort of Halloween thing.
Promoters are there trying to get our kids addicted to their products by handing out freebees!

That shot is funny because it was a free shot that was taken by AOL and posted (along with any other shots taken) on their web site.
I am not sure if images men in skirts with little boys should be circulating on the internet.

and yes
I have the legs for that skirt
but I most definitely do not have the stomach for that shirt

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