the experience of a new car...
everyone talks about that "new car smell"
well, that smell can be purchased in an aresol can or the shape of a christmas tree
for me the experience of the new car is completely something different

as I walk to my new car I am not overly concerned about checking the area surrounding the engine for various leaking fluids thus accessing the problems of the day
when I go to unlock the door I can go directly to the driver's side rather than going to the passanger side unlocking the door then leaning over to unlock the driver's side then walking around
when I go to start the car I do not monitor the battery meter, cross my fingers, pump the gas, and utter the mantra, "come on....come on...come on...."

then once the car is started I sit
as the car warms up I program the stations on the radio
when I hooked up the radio I inverted the connection mistakenly so the radio does not hold the settings
once the truck is started I head down the road
like an airplane pilot I pay close attention to the gages
but not all gages are accurate....is the gas gage telling the truth today?
is there really half a tank?
while checking the gages I listen to the engine?
is the engine running healthy today?
good, the engine does love the cool fresh air
then as I drive down the road I keep a safe distance from the cars in front of me
stopping distance in '84 was different than in '04
if the rain comes down the wipers do not quite clear things like I would hope
but that is how things are in this truck so I accept it and drive on the edge of my seat
then when it gets dark I turn on the headlamp
better use the brights....
not exactly the technology of today
just as my HID lamp for mountianbiking released in 2004 is superior to the head lamps of 10 years ago
the lighting technology of cars has also improved
this is driving a truck with character

currently I am pleased to have an '04 without character

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