Hang it on the wall....
Each day as I get ready to get on the bike I slip into the appropriate gear for the temperature of the day then head for the door....
bike with air in the tires....CHECK!
middle finger....CHECK!
mouthful of spit....CHECK!
chip on my shoulder.....CHECK!

The prior post about being a victim of terrorism is a post that can be written and rewritten everyday by each and every cyclist. On my urban rides I find that there are so many car drivers who intentionally pass me too close in an effort to make some sort of statement. Then there are the ones who take it one step further. As if it is not dangerous enough with people who are

(in addition to being forced off the road....I have been hit and given false information....run over only to see the car burning rubber as I stumbled to my feet.....crashed on my own only to have my bike get run over by on coming traffic, only to see the car keep on going....the list goes on)

Most often it is the usual case that a car does not feel that the cyclist should be on the road, that the cyclist is holding up traffic. Well, the CYCLIST IS TRAFFIC. Ironically, cars do not get angered or frustrated at the illegally parked cars or the double parked cars as much as they get pissed at the cyclist who is going along following all the rules of the road. When the words are exchanged it is always funny that the speeding car that rolled through the stop sign feels so high and mighty about my need to obey the law on my bike that they failed to look in the mirror to witness their own set of infractions. The speed limit is 25MPH on most city streets. The sign says STOP, not SLOW AND GO!

this post is more difficult that I thought to bring to surface
best I try to write this at a moment when I have more time
lunch is coming to a close
and I have work to do

maybe a more clear headed reader can finish this thought in a more organized fashion in the comments section

thanks to all that reminded me to slow down and put it in perspective

more later

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