Landcruiser....BE GONE!
it should be that easy
but for some reason it is not

last night I had my time wasted yet again
some poindexter with his son came by to waste my time and try to nickel and dime me
a total waste of my time
I held up sending in the TITLE to the American Kidney Foundation for one day because this loser sounded so interested
he was interested.....interested in wasting my time

(already forgotten)

this guy came over with his son and a flashlight
they looked this thing over
all over....every inch of this old truck

and then offered me half my asking price

when my asking price had already dropped to half of my original price
at 3,200 I had a mess of interested buyers
had I tried for 1,000 even (like my brother had recommended) this truck would be out of my life
but the slow decline in price did not help to draw in customers
what an asshole!
in the process he was trying to justify his low balling offer by explaining to me what my tax deduction would be worth in cash
I don't give a rats ass!

perhaps in the future I agree to meet with any interested buyers
but ask for a viewing/test driving fee
20 bucks each for an opportunity to climb under the truck, sit in the truck, and have me drive the truck
for those who want to drive it....40 bucks!

would anyone do this?
I think not....
well, maybe the actually interested few....
there would be a clause that the 20 dollars would be part of the final payment if and only if that individual decided to purchas the vehicle for the agreed price

now I am dreaming
but at least there would have been less time wasted with jerk offs whose time would be better spent channel surfing between PIMP MY RIDE and AMERICAN CHOPPER!

now I need to send in this TITLE
and hope that I do not get another ticket before this wonderful old truck gets towed away!

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