So this afternoon I took the dogs into the woods after work
not only did I have the dogs by my side, but I had Grant on my back
at 9 months he is almost too large for me to manage
perhaps a few more months and a few more pounds
a few more back aches and a few more advil
fall is in all of its multicolored glory
the dogs were racing around in a maddening way
looking to find what sort of trouble they could find
was it the lunar eclipse from last night
the approach of Halloween this weekend
or that Roscoe and Brutus just do not get the work outs that they did when there were no kids around to soak up all of Lisa and my time
as I walked I figured that I could make a few phone calls
normally it is not my thing
but I figured that my conversation with its natural pauses, changes in tone, and varying vocabulary may give Grant the impression that I was talking to him
although he has heard all the cycling stories that I was sharing with Snoopy

it was a good hike
that is one of the nice things about not taking a long ride after work (by long I mean longer than my basic commute)
got home early enough that even with the early sunset I was still able to get out into Rock Creek park with plenty of sunlight and also plenty of time to get out and get back

snoopy and todd are headed up north for a cross race
somewhere in new england...
hope they get some nice mud

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