a poem...

"I think of days of yesterday
with nothing better to do
than ride a bike and have some fun
and drink a couple of brews...."

the poem went on along the same lines
the message was far more poetic as it rolled off a stranger's tongue as we did tequila shots at the "Deuce" (the 2AM club in Mill Valley, CA)
this odd drinking partner had just been released from prison earlier that day
on his trip down the coast from Northern California he passed through Mill Valley and settled in for the night
where he joined up with me and another for a night of excessive drinking

I have the complete poem written down
it was an eloquent piece that summed up his life locked up
and stressed the pleasures of life that so many of us take for granted
the things we can do, but don't
these are the things he wanted to do, but couldn't

it was a strange passing
short as it was
I reflect back on that meeting from time to time
somehow it helps to keep it all in perspective

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