Fall is here
the leaves are changing colors
leaving a carpet of multicolored slickness for hikers and bikers alike
the dogs respond to the change of season with a crazy dog smile and a heightened energy as they race to catch the squirrels one last time before they hibernate for long cold season
winter is creeping in
the days are growing shorter
I am already getting fatter
starting to ride less
already eating more

packing my headlamp for that post work ride, yet riding straight home just the same

as usual I have lost cycling momentum
burn out?
or maybe just shuffling my priorities
lisa is supportive of my interests
but no need to take advantage of her generosity
time to get her back into YOGA
been able to force her to go a few times
soon she will be able to motivate herself

Halloween is around the corner
already been sneaking some snacks from the sugary snack packs purchased for the would be trick or treaters!
looks like I will be plump like Tom Turkey for Thanksgiving
fat like Santa for Christmas
right on time to be cherubesque for NEW YEAR"S EVE; oh how delicious I look as the BABY NEW YEAR in a depends undergarments and nothing else!

last night I tuned my Geared Karate Monkey with front shock for a 6 hour duo relay race in Charlottesville this weekend
racing with Chris Redlack
it should be some healthy competition
if not just between us
Chris unlike me has not been slowing his riding, as a matter of fact his speed, strength, and endurance are still climbing
that is why I will send him out first!
I am imagining the first rider will do one more lap then the second
which is just fine by me!
working on a bike....even if it is the most simple of adjustments has a great organic pleasure to it

I have been on the cross bike
have yet to race
once again spokes need to be replaced on one of those none Clydesdale Specific road/cross wheels
always do this same thing....hop into cross late and wish there were more races for me to do

my favorite part of the season....PUMPKINS!
last night I carved my first pumpkin
then I baked up and toasted some pumpkin seeds
half of the seeds with Olive Oil and Salt
the other half with Olive Oil and Old Bay
OLD BAY! not just great on chicken, corn, and crabs
with Dean a few times already

The Pumpkin Circle is a great book and video written, directed, and staring a friend of mine's father inlaw; George Levinson
it is a great little piece of educational entertainment
with a great Seasame Street flavor
wonderful for parents and children
Dean and I watch and read the video and the book, and not just at Halloween time
as Dean grows older, old toys, old books, and old videos become new ideas as his concept of the world around him has grown and changed
Grant is at the earliest stage of understanding.....mostly tasting and smiling
Grant is not only crawling....but climbing the stairs...with an intensity that you would think he was training for an assault on Everest!

that is my day
this is my life

it all pays off

this morning Dean snacked on the toasted Pumpkin seeds
tonight as he and his diminutive friends gather in costume for an evening approach to the National Zoo for the Halloween spectacular....BOO AT THE ZOO
there will be seasonal decorations on the windows and a carved pumpkin on the porch

can not wait to head to the ZOO tonight
for some reason it is fun to go in the ZOO at night
even more fun when you are allowed to go in at night and are not in fear of breaking some sort of Federal law

CHECK OUT George's films online

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