Red Bean, Stone Soup, and maybe a little too much of the Happy Juice

The Washington Post has been running an article on local personality Frank Connell. It is a fun little piece of PR that documents the efforts of some merry prankster named Frank and his attempts to start a Cajun burrito joint with his cousin Mike (who answers to cousin mike) on the main strip here in Mount Pleasant. It is a sad story to see unfold in front of your eyes, plays out with a sad piece of drama. What could be a good resturant and maybe the future of two young men's lives (well, one young man Cousin Mike and the already ageing Peter Pan that we know as Frank Connell) may rapidly turn out to be lost money to a unknown number of investors. For me, Frank would not have been a horse to bet on...as he is surely a long shot.

The latest edition the activities of Frank play out like that of some common crackhead or junkie as he appeals to the local bank to cut him some slack on his constantly over drawn account due to some personal stuff that no one needs to hear all the while demanding to know why it is taking so long to get approval for a business loan. Sad to say that this man is a better cook than a businessman. And his tongue is more likely to get him a handful of change on the corner than a loan at the bank. He would make a skilled "artful dodger."

I have encountered Frank many times over the past many years, usually in more of a party situation. Well, maybe me getting a drink at the bar and Frank toasting the world like it is New Year's Eve, every night has that wreckless attack like it is his last. In my younger years I may have had more patience; maybe even pleasure, in the antics of such a character, but as my bar adventures are fewer and fewer between I do not want my hours in the pub to be wasted by a self absorbed clown with an alcohol soaked liver telling me of his misadventures (only to forget that we ever spoke the next time I encounter him)

gotta roll
fatherhood calls

if Red Bean had a liquor license I would head over there tonight to catch the next act

see BARFLY is Mickey whatever his hasbeen 80's superstar name was

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