common courtesy...
or as they told us in bible study, "do unto others as you would like others to do unto you."
(okay, I went to catholic school, not bible study)

I have rambled on about the law and my interpetation of it
but it seems like people don't seem to get it
these laws were created because they can not behave

even the Ten Commandments were created to keep people in line
these laws were written by the same people who created god
sure....who knows....there could be a god...
but the idea of god is something that was created to help to control the masses
in the time before Big Brother
people had to create an idea that would keep people in check

the Ten Commandments are really so basic....I can not believe that we even need them
the same is true of laws
one would think that everyone would know the killing and stealing are wrong...but I guess not
so some religous folks told this story of some guy going up a mountain and coming back with some tablets
(we have all seen Charleston Heston portray Moses)

I do not have the time for this
some people are stupid
most people are stupid
empathy does not exist in all
how can someone think that it is okay to steal from another
what is the rational or the justification?
it is greed and nothing more

when working at a bike shop years back I use to pick the brains of some bicycle theives
some of them never realized that the prior owner had spent money on this bike
then no longer had the bike
and may not have the money to buy another bike
then there were those who bought the stolen bikes (bad karma bikes)
they could not make the logical leap that it was pretty much the same thing
if no one bought stolen bikes
there would be far less bike theft

but that is a soap box for another time
I have work to do

wish I could blog while I ride my bike

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