Superman Dies...

This morning I was saddened to hear that Christopher Reeves had died this weekend past, Christopher Reeves was best know for his portrayal of SUPERMAN. As I sipped my coffee I listened to NPR's brief summary of the passing of Christopher Reeves; his life as an actor, his tragic equestrian accident, and life after the accident where he had to deal with full body paralysis....while the words played in my head my son's played in front of me....Dean with no irony was wearing his Superman PJs cape and all, completely oblivious to who Christopher Reeves was or even what the Superman movies are. It was not quite clear why I am so saddened by this passing....I was never a Superman fanatic, although I did enjoy the films, Christopher Reeves is not one of my favorite actors, although I did find him to be good in Death Trap, no perhaps it was just the notion of all the things that can go wrong in life. People have accidents and injuries all the time, for some reason it takes someone in the public eye to suffer such an accident for people to take notice. I looked at Dean in his Superman jammies and Grant in his green fleece and hoped that they could somehow be protected, that they could live long prosperous lives without illness or injury not to mention something as catastrophic as the injury that Christopher Reeves had suffered.

My next thought was fleeting. I thought of death and dismemberment on the bicycle, not to my sons...but to myself. This is a thought that should be fleeting as to over think it would act to keep a rider off the bike and on the couch. I thought of all my crashes and all my near misses and thanked my lucky stars with a superstitious sign of the cross. For years I moved through traffic like Superman racing the train, now as a father and a slightly more mature individual I take it a tad easier. Risks are still taken, both on the streets and on the dirt trails, I can not stop living for fear of death, but I need try to stay respectful of the risks at hand and be thankful for each crash that I walk away from. I want Grant and Dean to live full and active lives....they will take risks....my heart will stop....there will be trips to the hospital....skinned knees, black eyes, perhaps a broken bone...hopefully nothing more....life is fragile. Live it Love It! Appreciate it while it is here, but don't let fear keep you from flying.

back to work
as I must appreciate my job
just as I appreciate life

I just remembered....
last night before I tucked Dean into bed I grabbed the digital camera
when we got into the bedroom I had Dean stand in a few Superman poses in his Superman jammies
all this super stuff and I had not known of the Superman death

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