Another day
another crash....another humbling experience

this morning was on its way to being nothing shy of epic
my trajectory was planned and all the pieces were falling into place
the weather was pleasantly unseasonably warm
a morning frost still existed on the grass and leaves along side Rock Creek Parkway, yet the sun was already warming the day
Roscoe and Brutus tugged at their leashes in anticipation of a brisk swim in the questionably clean water that is Rock Creek
(the origin of this creek is not known too me, if my sources are correct there is a Car Wash in Silver Spring Maryland that can account for most of the running water and the soap suds, the rest is spit and urine from the urban alleys that runs down the valley into the creek)
the morning hike was a tad longer than usual as my Monday schedule is not 11-7 rather than 9-5
(a change in schedule created so that I could allow time to drop Dean off at school, walk the dogs in the woods, and then a quick spin on the bike while still arriving at work on time)
I hiked the Melvin Hazen trail while the dogs splashed around in the creek
they barked incessantly for me to skip stones for them to chase
it is annoying, but it keeps them moving
I tossed a few rocks from the my top of the hill perspective
during my trek in the woods I encountering a few other hikers with their dogs, pleasant exchanges shared between all humans and all dogs
once back at the house I suited up in all that roadie gear (arm warmers, leg warmers, skin tight shirt and shorts) I rolled down the hill towards the park
I eyed the patch of land between Park Road and Beach Drive looking for that 20 yard path that would get me to the dirt quicker
took one turn too soon and zigged back
re-evaluated the approach and rolled in with aggression, attitude, and intensity
not sure what happened...there may have been a loose log under the deep leaves
or I was not at all on a trail and caught in a crag or a gully
no matter how or why....I was upside down going over the falls
doing a Polish wheelie with style
my right foot still locked in the clip, only to twist my leg and slam my calf against some unknown part of my bike
pain, plenty of pain, but no real injury
without hesitation I was back on the bike crossing the road
I tentatively rode in towards the same set of trails that I had just hiked earlier that morning, gliding over the spot where I had crashed one week prior TO THE MINUTE!
once in the woods I fought to discover a groove
it was hard to trust the tires to hold on each turn
the trails were dry
the leaves were plenty slick
so I stayed my course moving along with hesitation
and perhaps a little more respect for the potential danger of mountainbiking than I usually possess
just as well
on multiuse trails it is essential to take blind turns in anticipation of other trail users ahead
normally I do not ride with a BONZAI KAMAKAZI mode anyway, but on this day the volume was turned down a few more notches
but not so low that I did not get the pleasure of riding in the woods

even with the crash and the mellow pace I arrived to work ontime

took a long hot shower in the second floor's men's room
then went to grab some Advil and Asprin from the First Aid box above the water fountain
only to discover they have either had the pain killers stolen from the box, or the company has decided that headache medicine is a liability

either way
I was at work on time and in one piece
a great way to start the week
best that I buy some Advil and Asprin of my own
as I can not promise that I will not be crashing again any time soon

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