Back from the Burgh....
another Thanksgiving Weekend behind us
we managed to survive the fog filled drive up to Pittsburgh over the passes in Western Maryland and West Virginia
the car traffic filled drive back to DC on Saturday was not as painful as what must have happened today, but trying just the same with an occassional crying baby and an intermidently complaining toddler
we may have been the only car on the highway without a portable (or built in) DVD player
we drove the several month old Honda Element and doubled the logged miles in just a weekend
many of the miles were spent tailgating a Ford Explorer so that I would not miss the climatic ending of The Little Mermaid

highlights from the weekend.....
Dean getting to hang with his cousins
Grant getting to hang with his grandmother; Miga as she is called (mother side)
trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum with the cousins
(hope the new and improved DC Children's Museum is as awesome as the one in The Burgh)
and me getting to witness it all
playing X Box with my 5 year old nephew Billy (Amped 2; snowboarding in a shockingly accurate Breckenridge Colorado, he taught me a trick or two)
Thanksgiving matinee; The Polar Express (which Tom Hanks did not ruin, was good even with him doing five voices when he only has one)
eating turkey
eating more turkey
eating at Primantti Brothers downtown with the fries right on the sandwich
eating leftovers
too much left overs
winter weight starting to settle in
that last slice of pumpkin pie may have thrown the scale back over the 230 mark
must fight hitting 240 too soon if at all
then finally
sleeping in my own bed on Saturday night after a long weekend of sharing a pull out couch with Dean

Saturday night had its own little antics

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