this morning I was energized by the notion of being an American
the news broadcast title America Votes sounded so appropriate
even with all of our errors
there are some aspects of this flawed system that the world looks on in awe of

this morning Soledad, Grant's three day a week baby sitter, arrived 20 minutes early so that I would have time to VOTE before work this morning
dropping three year old Dean off at Rosemount Center and walking the Roscoe and Brutus (the dogs) added up to be too much time for what appeared to be an hour long line at Bancroft Elementary; the local school hosting the Mount Pleasant polls
so I am pedaling my 29 inch single speed down the virtually car free roads through Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and then on towards Dupont circle
the sidewalks surrounding various schools and churches were packed with people each holding coffee in one hand and newspapers in the other
all waiting to get that oh so coveted I VOTED TODAY sticker
it made me proud to be an American
there were impulses to shout crudely VOTE KERRY OR DON'T VOTE AT ALL
I refrained
I grew introspective on the whole voting issue
a tear developed in the shape of a star and I started to see things in Red, White, and Blue
okay, that did not happen
but I did start to feel less like a member of a country divided
instead a person lucky enough to be born an American (well,
so I celebrated that it was great to see all these Americans voting, no matter which party they selected

gotta hope
one of the producers needs the ELECTION SOFTWARE on their machines
talk about waiting till the last minute

an yes
no I did not get one of those handsome stickers
but I did have a glorious line free Polling experience
my wife lisa got off work early to vote
had her access the polling situation and call me; "no lines"
so I wrapped up some things at work
told the assignment desk that I was running an errand
suited up and mounted up on my rigid karate monkey single speed
and spun through the carless city streets on this unseasonably warm fall day
again energized
arrived at Bancroft
shook hands and shared thoughts with a few of the local canidates
then went in and did my civic duty
it was liberating
I felt alive
also felt that I should not trust these machines that are counting our ballots
but felt that it was out of my hands
left the diminutive school gym and got back on the bike and headed back down to work
I felt a great unity with all those that had their I VOTED stickers
even if I lacked the sticker
was gleeful when asked, "did you vote"
several non-citizen friends asked if I had voted, again I was fueled by the power to have my voice be heard

then back to work where I would watch the states to close thier booths and count their votes
Bush drew first blood
I tried not to let this symbolic victory effect my feelings
I was confident no matter how the early hours measured out
that in the end it would even out
and end with a narrow split; 280 to 250
but who would rein triumphant?

I could only hope that security was ready to show up with a cardboard box to help George collect his things
pad him down to make sure he is not stealing any Presidental Pens or Presidential Handtowels from the White House bathrooms

what a great thought to think of the redecoration of the White House!

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