I really need to get back into a rhythm with this GWADZILLA BLOG
once again I have let compulsion take control rather than creativity

and where are the resources and the information and the IMAGES!


here is a link page, it is someone else's link page....but it has some excellent bicycle links just the same


check it out
now for some images
let me get something from my camera and I will be right back (that is BRB in GEEK SPEAK)

okay....here are some images.....

these images were taken this morning before work

I had the original intention this morning to ride my bike for an hour before work
when I got home my pager started going off
started to really go off

it was one of those minature angel/minature devil on the shoulder experiences
only in this case the angel had a pocket protector and a laptop instead of wings while the devil had spds and a mountain bike instead of a pitch fork and cloven hoofs

I was torn

the weather outside was crisp
the sound of crisp leaves on the trail was calling me


I had to listen to the little angel and head in straight to work
lucky for me I had
it was a mess
all sorts of server issues this morning

got it settled

guess the devil will have to speak up more next time

at least I got into Rock Creek with the dogs after dropping Dean off at pre-k
(Dean who did not feel much like school today was sporting his ANARCHY IN THE PRE-K t-shirt)

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