Can anyone say ROAD TRIP!


Now there are four reasons to go to Ohio!

1) It is too late, but.....TO VOTE FOR KERRY!
2) Ride the COASTERS at Cedar Point!
3) Check out Vulchuers Knob!
4) to Ride Ray's Indoor Mountainbike Park!

I don't know much about Ray, just what I see at the 24Hour Events where we have raced against each other as Clydesdales!

he is short
he is a clydesdale
he posesses the two primary traits I like to see in all cyclists, Solidarity and Competition (always putting solidarity first)
he is fast and technical
he smokes cigarettes in between laps!

ray is a cool guy
hope this works out for him and the people who are close enough to appreciate it!

here is Mike Mapps skateboard dream....RAMP TECH
no one believed
they may want to look and listen up
cause Micro made it happen
even if they all said "nay!"

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