Cars Suck!

we have grown dependent on them, but cars still suck
many years ago when I was touring europe via bicycle with my buddy rob hardesty
we realized one thing
the use of the car and bike are reversed over there
as we driver our cars each day and ride our bikes on weekend
they do the opposite
riding the bike each day and driving their car recreationally on weekends

certainly there are many car drivers in Europe
there is certainly a significantly larger pedaling population in Europe than the states
just take a tour through Amsterdam! (thank me later)

here is someone's post on 50 reasons why cars suck!

if we could only design our lives in such a fashion that the bicycle became more practical for everyone!

I actually heard an advertisement for bicycle commuting on the radio the other day
wonder if it will make a dent
work of mouth and peer pressure tend to be the best ways to get others to commute via bicycle

I own a car
my wife owns a car
I drive as little as posible
ride my bike or walk where ever and when ever there is the option
currently I am using my car to drive my son to school in the morning
as hip, cool, or enviromentally concious as it may be to get him in the Burley Trailer and go across town
it is entirely unsafe, thus impractical
that cross town trek is dangerous enough for any rider
but with that 3 foot wide trailer in tow!
forget about it

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