A country divided

things are getting ugly
real ugly
this election is really splitting this country in half
it scares me
I fear that people (individuals and groups, politicians and news people, coworkers and friends) are going to say things that they are going to regret
just because we feel it does not mean that we should share it....
unless of course.....we write it on our BLOG

I say...keep it to yourself
we will not change each others minds
it is too late to change anyone's vote
don't do it
don't start that conversation
don't let your blood start to boil
don't risk making enemies out of friends
now lets see if I can take that advice

I voted and I voted for Kerry
no, I do not have a Kerry/Edwards sticker on my car
don't want to cut someone off and have them hate me for two reasons
as I drive cross town or more frequently when I ride my bike around town
I check out the different types of cars with the different type of stickers

I have no real stats
no facts
no figures
just an impression

it appears to me that the W TYPES are more prone to SUVS
while the KERRY TYPES are more likely to drive more economical cars, not necessarily hybrids, but the Subaru wagon or VW Passat rather than the Navigator, Explorer, or Four Runner

a friend of mine from the west sent me this link
Correlation between Average IQ of a State and the Selection of their Canidate
not sure of its accuracy
take a look
see what you think

time to suit up, mount up, and roll on into work

maybe I will do a quick little pass through the park on my way to work
soothe my mind
avoid bumpers and bumper stickers
let nature distract me from the tense issues at hand

more later or course
maybe not until tonight
need to control the BEAST WHICH IS THE BLOG!
(THE BLOG: the next Steven King best seller!)

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