Granny Gear has a West Virginia Location for its 24 Hour Relay Event!

24 Hours of Big Bear!

there are those of us who care
while there are others who can not be bothered
for me....this is very exciting
24 Hour Mountainbike Relay Racing is what really got me into racing more than just riding
there is something about the 24 Hour format that is just nothing shy of fantastic
the team work
the camaraderie
the emotional input
the intensity
the competition
for those of us who do not have the pleasure of going to war....these are our trenches

I do not know about you...I am definitely going to sign up for this event!
Looks like I will try to build a Clydesdale Team to slug it out with some of the podium winners of years past....
looks like I have Chris lined up...if he can make weight!
my brother is more than likely not going to qualify as a Clydesdale this year, which is a bummer as I enjoy racing with him (he brings a great deal to the table not just as a racer, but as a team leader, as a self proclaimed alpha dog he immediate takes the reigns...someone has to do it...why not have it be him)
jon from Ohio has voiced interest...hope there are no conflicts with auto racing
not sure if Aaron from Idaho is up for racing....he has been a good friend who I always enjoy riding, racing, and hanging with....but...well we will need to talk

we need four over 200
hmmmm...maybe Phil Rice?
who else is there....
it is not just about stacking a team
it is about riding fast and hard with some friends
some friends who all happen to be fast Clydesdales!

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