How does this work?
I hate Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner, but they are in some of my favorite movies

Kevin Costner fulfills this equation to a much higher level than Tom Hanks, yet Tom manages to do some of the same.

How can it be that I hate these actors.... I hate the sound of their voices....I hate their inability to have a tonal range...
yet I can love a high number of their movies.

Perhaps the answer is "casting."
Maybe it is the "machine gun approach;" they are each in so many movies you are bound to like some of them.

Honestly, it is beyond liking some of these films.
Some of these movies are carried by these actors end up being some of the best movies of our times.
Many of which are in my personal collection to be viewed again and again.


Here is a short list for Costner:
(it looks like he has not done anything worth seeing in 14 years, or maybe I have missed something special in his list of new films; somehow "The Bodyguard" did not catch my eye!)

Dances with Wolves
Field of Dreams (sure, Bull Durham)
No Way Out (definitely)
The Untouchables (most definitely)
American Flyers (just because it is a cycling film)
Fandango (a lesser known MUST SEE!)

And for Tom Hanks:

Bosom Buddies! (need I say more?)

okay, realistically
I have missed a good number of his recent contributions that the film world is all crazy about
so I will only list the ones I have seen and really enjoyed

BIG (eating baby corn and jumping on the bed is not tough acting....that is everyday for me! A fun movie just the same)
Toy Story (1 and 2)
Cast Away (he was silent for 50 minutes of it, which was GREAT! a great film)
Forrest Gump (any joker can play a retarded person, but somehow he fit the mold perfectly)

okay...guess he is not as big in my list of "Personal Favorites" as I had thought
but I did enjoy a number of his movies, although they may not qualify as "MUST SEES"
here are some other good ones
just as I vowed to never see TITANIC, I have a strong aversion to Tom Hanks
so I have missed some films that may be epic or at least grand

Catch Me if You Can (cute and clever, like that 60's thing, the same way I loved Castaway and its ability to move at a seemingly slow pace...Castaway was nearly artful)
Road to Perdition (a very good film)
You Got Mail (good for a Meg Ryan fix)
Apollo 13 (never saw the IMAX version, but I am sure it rocks, Our little Opee Taylor sure can direct a film!)

okay....HATE is a strong word
I do not HATE either of them
but I do question how this can happen
Sleepless in Seattle (a great Sunday matinee when you are hung over and it is playing for the 1,000 time on television)

no reason to go on with Tom Hanks....
my feeling....
if you do something for 30 years....I hope that you are good at it!

where does this rant come from....
Tom Hanks does the voices of 5 characters in this film
Will it be tough to distinguish between them?
Lets see if he can pull it of...as for me...even with two kids and the approaching holiday season....I will more than likely wait for DVD on this one and spend my trips to the theater to see the INCREDIBLES!

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