It is nice to be appreciated.....

I hate to say it but I am not Mother Theresa
when driving my car in traffic and I let a car slip in front of me
I like to get "the wave"
when I hold the door open for someone
I like to get a thank you
guess that I am not altruistic

it is just nice
it is nice to be appreciated

at times on my bike or out walking my dogs I cross the street and someone yeilds to me
most of the time I give them a little wave or a nod
even if I feel that I was in the right
that there is no real need to thank someone for giving me what is rightfully mine
I know that I like to be thanked
and a little positive reinforcement may have them repeating the action
having them feel good about what they have done may lead them to repeat the kind behavior to the next cyclist or pedestrian

this weekend I got this strange message in my email box

Hey Joel,

Can you email me....... I wanted to ask you about your Granogue Clydesdale race (Classic Series presented by TREK)

This is from Gian's interview (1st Place Clydesdale):

Joel Gwadz, who was in front of me, stopped to assist a racer who had crashed hard and was lying in the weeds about fifteen feet off of the trail. It's great to see that kind of sportsmanship and Joel should be commended.

Would you consider coming to our awards banquet and accepting an Andrew Mein Sportsmanship Award - Trophy????

Let me know, thanks!

Appreciate it if you can shoot me his email or phone number as Nov. 20th is the banquet and Nov. 12th THIS FRIDAY is the deadline for signing up……..


I remember this race and that moment in time
it was a great race
I was in first
my efforts may not have been what caused me to fall into second
as I got the second place clydesdale racer (who ended up taking first) to aid me in pulling this guy out of the weeds (or off camber gulley, if I remember correctly)

in any case

I was doing what I would hope anyone else would do for me....lending someone in need a helping hand

it happens all the time
someone with a broken bike or a flat tire
someone who has crashed and is either injured or just a tad shaken up
we have all been there
and we all know it is a place that is managed better when you are not alone

I contacted this guy
I think I will head up to this awards banquet to accept this award
by no means am I a model citizen...or am I...perhaps in comparision to some
all I try to do is give a little more than I take
try to live my life with a little of the old Golden Rule
(that whole "do unto others....as you would wish others to do unto you)

it seems quite simple to me
don't be a hypocrite!
don't do the things that piss you off!
don't piss off everyone else!

don't be that guy who double parks rather than taking the space twelve feet up
the chap who lets the door slam in the women's face as she follows through the door closely behind you

don't try to be a lone wolf
but rather live by a simple rule...


it is the simple truth
what goes around....comes around
we all would prefer good karma over bad

if a dog walker does not pick up their dog's poop....well....they may have a guest walk into their house with a shoe coated in poop

(okay....enough ranting....just that the boss man called in sick and this morning was crazy so I am taking this opportunity to get out some BLOG)

all are invited to this AWARDS BANQUETnot sure who I expect will be in attendance
if nothing else
it will be an interesting experience
hopefully I will recognize a few guys from some of the races

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