Lessons Learned

In life we often like (well, actually we dislike) to learn our lessons by doing.
We all fall flat on our face and say to ourselves..."I better not let that happen again!"


when walking down the sidewalk and the person in front of you trips on a fallen tree branch
do you trip on that branch
or learn from that person's error and modify your own behavior
and step around or over the obstacle

here at work there is some strange talk going around
something about, well, an "office romance"
it was funny to hear the gossip until all the pieces of the puzzle were put together
the specifics are not vital
we can all picture the mess
the mess at work
the unseen mess at work
those directly involved in the action now do not know who heard what, who thinks what, who has now altered their opinion all involved in the questionable behavior
what they thought was all fun, exciting, and dangerous
is now depressing and painful

this is one obstacle that we all need to step around
we have seen others trip on it
no reason we need to trip on this ourselves

the incident in question is all a bunch of rumors
who knows the facts
it may all be talk
it may all be he said/she said
either way
it is a pleasant reminder to WALK THE LINE!

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