the morning after the morning after
yesterday was a grey day
not outside
but in my head
the literal weather was unseasonably warm; over 70 degrees
the skys were clear and crisp
the snap to the air was matched by the vibrant fall colors of the blanket of leaves on the ground and the remaining leaves on the trees
yet....in my mind it was a dismal gray day
by midnight I was going through the last steps of the emotional acceptance process
to aid in killing the pain I ate anything that stepped in my way and drank Beam and Cokes till I did not care anymore
this morning I woke to the day that had existed in my head the day before
the loss to President Bush was not a bad dream
it was my nightmarish reality
the weather of the my psyche was the weather of the day
the skies are dark and gray
the earth is cold and wet
there seems to be little hope on the horizon

our presidency may soon form into a dictatorship


from the looks of our election
the president may not represent me and my views
he may very well represent the conservative faith based america

back to work

good thing I opted to take the dirt trail alternative on my home from work yesterday
fall is such a great season for mountainbiking
the slick leaves offer an additional interesting variable
the ride was very refreshing, nearly invigorating
but clearly not enough to releave my post election result blues

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