New Business Cards
Original Thought?

Yesterday I called Mike K. at the Chevy Chase City Bikes location. It was an odd occurrence. Mike actually had more than a second to talk with me, unfortunately I called just to catch up; not to pick his brain on product or to make an order....if only I could nail him down with an excess of time to talk when I need to order something. In any case, Mike K. and I were talking about life...his new one month old son Jeremy....my 9 month old son Grant....his older daughter....my older son...ideas of trying to balance riding with the responsibilities of work and family life....and then as I brought up various other topics I was amazed that Mike K. had more useful information on each and every idea that I brought forth.

Sure, Mike K. has been in the bike industry for over 12 years so he will be able to compare and contrast Suntour to Shimano with the best of them, or marketing failures of the industry over the years, but when I brought up the ideas of the Republican Govenor's plan on selling public land he was able to explain to me one step further HOW FUCKED UP THAT ALL IS! I shared with him my ideas of everyone driving in their own neighborhoods as a PACE VEHICLE, he told me that this is already a nation wide movement, then when we talked about the issue of Commuting and my desire to create an anonymous business card that Read on one side

Just Traffic
Just Like You
only I am on a bike and you are in a car

then on the other side there would be a long list of the laws
a cyclists rights
how the car driver's have opted to modify the laws within an accepted parameters
how a cyclist also often modifies the laws within what may be accepted parameters

Mike K. told me that there are people already handing out such cards

what is my point....
give mike a call
ask him some questions
listen to him
he and his wife have been and are currently very active in the cycling community
these are people that we need to appreciate
they are the ones trying to assure a safe place for the cyclist in the future of this country (and this world)

now it is time to work
I am at work
yes I do other stuff at work than BLOG
work is what keeps me from being able to proof read my entries

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