I admit that today has been a total BUST
perhaps I took advantage of my boss calling in sick....oh well....tomorrow is another day
perhaps I can compensate for my Obsessive Blogging Behavior(OBB)

in addition to BLOGGING I also like to waste time taking various quizzes
here is a quiz that is pretty good....
good for the sinner
good for the saint

What sort of Spirituality Type are You?

the quizzes can take a few minutes
the greater the number of questions
the greater the accuracy
this one got me right on the money, as have many other of their quizzes

Active Spiritual Seeker – Spiritual but turned off by organized religion

for anyone who is curious about such things this may be worth a look

I once heard Granny Gear Founder/Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Laird Knight quote an unknown source, "I would rather be on my bike thinking of god, than in church thinking about my bike."

beliefnet quizzes

without the seriousness or the religiosity

and of course QUIZILLA

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