But worth a look just the same....

Doing some random internet searching on the topic of BICYCLES
With Election Day and the Election Results dominating my mind and my blog over the last couple of days I thought it was time to TAKE IT BACK! TO BRING IT BACK TO THE BIKE!
I stumbled upon this article....Tire Slasher.

I must admit that I have felt like this
there are many days where I have felt like this
there are mornings where I have not completed my short little 15 minute pedal into work and I felt like there were a dozen people who deserved the death penalty

(but remember....I think that the Death Penalty should be extended to snuffing out idiots and assholes for what some may see as minor infractions, but if these people commit these same ignorant or selfish acts each day then they are detracting more than contributing to society....so lets be done with them!)

no would I ever own a gun
as I feel that if I had a gun I would use it

gotta run
more later

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