Revenue or Changed Behavior?
and our system

It is clear to me that our system is not working!

What aspect of "Our System?" you ask.


Our Education System....
I have two kids younger than school age....
will I have to send them to private school?
maybe so...
where are my tax dollars going?
The problem here is that the people in the position to make a difference send their kids to private school. Never even considering public school. Knowing all the while that public school is sub standard.

Justice System?
innocent people going to jail?
guilty people walking free?
people with enough money and the right lawyers beating the rap?
those without the funds to hire a lawyer getting the misrepresentation of a court appointed attorney...
prisons filled?
guilty people sent to walk free without serving their time and not being rehabilitated?
prisoners leaving the system only to commit more crimes and then to eventually return again

A much needed system to aid in giving a HAND UP
ends up giving a HAND OUT
our welfare system is being abuses and misused
the welfare system is enabling joblessness and breeding the next generation of welfare recipients
something needs to be reworked

here in DC we can not even drink our water
our recycling goes in the trash
call the police? save your 35 cents...

Parking Tickets?
Traffic Violations (speeding etc...)

you name it! what does it do?
collects money
but is it effective in changing behavior?
more than likely each recipient of a speeding ticket accelerates to a speed above the speed limit in less than 5 minutes from getting that said speeding ticket
was behavior changed?
someone was pissed off
and not they feel like they just bought a right to speed

is the goal in issueing tickets to change behavior or to generate revenue

people need to start stopping at stop signs
and traveling at a reasonable pace
if the laws and the tickets can not control the masses
there needs to be a revision of certain things to force people to travel in a more safe manner

Poverty and the Poor?
our president talks about freedom
while their are poor in this country who need to be liberated from poverty
why are we spending millions and millions to liberate people who do not want to be liberated
spend our money on fixing up our country
let us lead by example
let us bring up our literacy rate
educated people have greater options

enough on this rant
distracted by the blog
when I should be working

guess I am still feeling crippled by the results of the recent election
and the reality that our country is comprised of a bunch of retroactive bible thumpers who would prefer to crawl back into caves then use thought to travel into the future

The original purpose of this post was to write about the failure of our system to correct behavior.

Do speeding tickets change behavior?
How about Parking Tickets?

Every morning when I head to work I see countless cars blocking the flow of traffic by double parking, being illegally parked in Rush Hour No Parking Zones, and the people dropping off their significant others (sometimes waiting for 10minutes to a half an hour before having them get out of the car, why would they bother to go into the office early?)

I am suspicious of the aim of the DC police and their ticketing.
It seems that they are more prone to ticketing and towing in the more affluent sections of town. As these people will pay their tickets and pick up their cars, while in "da hood" cars are parked illegally around the clock without notice. Take it and tow it, recycle it and get it off the road. The signs are not that hard to figure out.

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