Roscoe and Brutus

If I did not have Dean and Grant I would be BLOGGING endlessly proud of my dogs; Roscoe and Brutus. They are a Golden Retriever/Austrailian Shepard mix, brothers; same father, different mothers....born five days apart. Yes, it was a wild night. On that night that little Aussie used his handsome accent to work his ways into the hearts of a Blonde and a Red Golden (both obviously in heat.) I feel that everytime I tell this story that this Aussie is barking over the fence telling the story himself. The dogs next door must be sick of hearing about it by now.

Roscoe and Brutus are good dogs with a little bit of the devil in them.

Having dogs is an odd way to live your life to those who do not have a dog or have never had a dog. These guys demand a good deal of time and energy. They tear up the house and they are always under foot. On top of that they hog the bed!

To me our house would not be a home without the dogs.

Even with all of the work that these dogs demand I would not trade the enriching experience for anything.

They get me out and show me the seasons, twice a day, every day, and I thank them.

The dogs have also been an excellent metaphor for childhood. These dogs arrived into our lives at the same time. We raised them with escentially the same about of love and affection. They grew to be as identical as they are opposite. Roscoe is as mellow as a dog can be (well, until the postman comes to the door) while Brutus is a tad anxious if not neurotic. Roscoe loves food and his body style shows it. Brutus is thin an wirey, I think his anxiety burn calories and helps to keep his thin figure.

the local news is messing with my head
they are doing a piece on teen driving accidents
I say take away the right to vote until the kids are 18...
then ontop of that add an IQ test for adults

parents get sick of playing taxi driver to their over achieving kids
so they toss their kids the keys
is this the way things should happen?

how can the kids learn to drive when their parents are speeding around town with the cell phone glued to their ears while they roll through intersections rather than stopping

who am I to talk?
I ride through the city on my bike taking all sorts of calculated risks...
the difference
I risk my own life
the kid in the SUV...they can kill themselves, their passangers, and whoever is unlucky enough to get in their way

I ask for very little in this world

I am not asking for the winning lotto number, but it would be nice
I am not asking to be rich or famous, but I do want to live comforatbly

I want to live a long healthy life, staying active for my whole life
most of all I want my children Dean and Grant to live long active lives filled with enriching experiences
I want to witness my sons achieving their goals, living their dreams, becoming who or what they want to be

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