we all need outlets
some of us more than others
clearly exercise is vital to my mental well being
it is not just the breaking of the sweat, it is cumulative...it is everything that goes along with it

these last few months I have had a hard time balancing all the tasks of an adult
something had to be sacrificed
time on the bike has lost out the most
even my post work rides have been cut from the routine
(well, I still ride home, but directly home....do not pass GO...do not collect 200 dollars)

luckily last week my boss let me out early on friday
the weather was grand
an odd thing happens when I do not work out...
for some strange reason I no longer want to work out
this can snowball into a grand overwelming sensation of malase
the best thing to do....just ride through it
ride....even if you do not feel like it
just like my 3 year old son Dean not wanting to go to school
at the end of the day he is glad he did
even if he is dragged and dropped off kicking and screaming
so....on friday after work I got into my gear and pedaled in the opposite direction of home
it did not take long before I was pleased with my ability to not give into the feelings of apathy

I was on the Surly Karate Monkey single spinning along
ended up heading down old faithful.....the C&O Canal
the Canal very seldom lets me down
fall is such a great time for the canal
the towpath tends to be hard packed and dry
and the sections of canal with water in them act as a mirror to the trees and sky above
the water itself holds a mysterious blackish brown color, perhaps from the decomposition of leaves
(ask dave means....he knows such things....I just wonder)
so I pedaled west
not 186.5 miles west
more just a matter of duration
as much as I wanted to ride, I also wanted to get home with some daylight left to play with the boys and walk the dogs
the sun was setting early
nearly blinding me as the bright light cut through the trees
managed to ride out past Glen Echo
only to turn it around to pedal back with the bright light at my back
and the wonderful autum sites around me
the turtle count was low....as a matter of fact I did not see one
but the birds were our in numbers
and I got to experience a vision that does not happen enough
as I pedaled along at the Karate Monkey's maximum rotation I found myself going just slightly slower than the gliding of some odd exotic bird
this odd bird looked like a large blue jay with a colored beak and some unique markings
the bird dipped and turned as it glided, perhaps chasing an insect that I could not see
I soaked in the image of this rare bird that may be on its migration or may well have escaped from the national zoo
then just as I wished that I had a 8mm camera mounted to the bike for such a site
the bird arced around back towards the direction from where it came
the show was over
then I realized...the medicine was starting to kick in
I was starting to feel better

more in a bit
work is calling

nothing to add
the message was made clear enough
I must ride
you must do what you must do
we must all stay mentally fit

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