Computers and Kids-

Dean is three and a half and Grant is only 10 months
each of them sees me on the computer
each of them wants to get on the computer
Grant at 10 months sits in my lap and slides the mouse around
monkey see
monkey do
Dean at three and a half understands the terms and makes all sorts of requests
tonight after a bath he asked if he could see a movie trailer
in pretty much those words
so we went to Apple Trailers and downloaded some sort of whinnie the pooh thing
I usually work the download
let him use the mouse to direct the cursor to the play button arrow
then he left clicks to get the film rolling
when the trailer is done
I have Dean hit the monitor power button as I mute out the sound

at such an early age they can learn so much
like sponges they can absorb it all

I got this REFUGE Flash Animation from SOOZ' site
definitely need to share this with Dean
I remember Dean and I having some real fun at this very rudimentary animal sound site


while on classic
it may be fun for some people to FLASHBACK/DISCOVER/REDISCOVER some CLASSICS
Joe's Cartoons
someone help me
what are some of the classics
and I am not asking about BANGEDUP.com as it is just nasty
an amazing resource but nasty just the same

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