Gear: Winter Gear
Today it is cold. Today it is F--king cold!

I have debated with the notion of making this purchase for a few years now.
Today I took the plunge with no fear of regret.
(unless they do not fit, which will lead to an immediate return)
Called my friends over at City Bikes in Chevy Chase. Mike K. had his doubts on availability. So after our conversation I called the folks at LAKE SHOES. Sure enough, after endless flirting with a women whose age and size remains unknown to me it was decided I may be able to find these shoes, but I will not be able to find them in the Lake warehouse. Without much trouble I found the shoes at Performance
Pulled out the card and made an online purchase.

Merry Christmas to me.
the MXZ 300
sounds more like a Japanese sports car than a pair of winter mountainbiking shoes


DT said...

Oh yea, wow. I've always wanted a pair of these shoes. Probably a wise investment with as much winter riding going on. Did you get Performance to price match or at least get them slightly on sale, pretty expensive...

gwadzilla said...

the shoes were 21% reduced
so it was not entirely painful
I felt that I best buy them while they are available
as I had tried to buy them last year with a half hearted effort
only to learn that they were not available through our shop contacts
which left me in the same situation this year....
the lady at lake (not to be confused with The Lady of the Lake in the King Arther saga) said to try and order them in August. Currently my Time Machine is acting a little funky...and I did not feel like waiting...so I accepted that I would have to pay retail.

Redlack said...

Let me know how they work. I've always been curious but never willing to shell out the duckets.

I will have to live with my booties and toe warmers for this winter.

I like the "check back in August" comment. Who needs winter shoes in August? At least in this hemisphere. It reminds me of my first SPD shoes (Airwalks). They looked cool, but they were total crap. I shipped them back to the mfg so they could see just how poor the craftsman ship was. They promptly returned them to me saying that they were "fine", and In order to appease me they also sent some stickers and a fleece headband. It was July, it was hot, there was no use for a headband, and it angered me.

The lesson: Don't buy biking stuff from a company in another industry.