Just one more rant before I head out the door....

Another thought that has been in my head is that I seldom BLOG about my wife Lisa
after reading over the introduction and the first entries by Marc V. on his BLOG page I realized that I need to give 'props' to my wife lisa
(excuse my failing attempt to sound hip or cool)

lisa rocks!

to quote 3rd grade friend and neighbor Kara..."lisa is pretty cool for a wife"
kara is right....lisa is pretty cool for a wife!

lisa loves her family and lisa loves me
sure she loves her boys before she loves me
but, perhaps they need more of her than I do
Grant and Dean most definitely do
especially 9 month old Grant
and well
I guess Roscoe and Brutus need her a tad more than I do as well
that is not to say that after lisa has shared her love with her two sons and her two dogs that she does not have time for me
cause she does

when dinner is cooked.....there is always some for me
when lisa does laundry....it is not just for her and the kids, but she does laundry for me
when lisa brings home the bacon and pays the bills....she not only does this for the family, but she does this for me
when lisa unloads the dishwasher.....she does this.....well, she does this cause she has OCD
yet, it still benefits me

our relationship has grown and changed over the years

we have been married for a handful of years and we dated for a handful of years before that
come august this year those handfuls will add up to be roughly a decade
that is a long time for someone to put up with me for
she is a good sport
she understands my needs
and aids in fostering my interests
lisa accepts my personality flaws and seldom complains

now don't get me wrong
lisa is my wife and lisa is a women
so as cool as she may be
she still possesses all that it is that makes a person a woman and a wife
as far as women and wives go
I think I got a good one

it is beautiful to see her interact with Dean and Grant
no one can make Grant giggle and coo like she can
Dean is lucky to have a Tom-Boy for a mom cause he is a rough and tumble kid
and you know what
it still turns me on to see her bend down to pick something up
not only does lisa rock, but she is hot too!

and if any gossips want to share this with lisa
go ahead and tell her that I want the shaft driven Copenahgen for CHRISTMAS!

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