lunchtime and my ramblings

at times my brain can be quite scattered
most of the time actually
too many thoughts and not enough focus
perhaps that I why I love THE BLOG
THE BLOG is a way that I can just ramble on endlessly.....get these ideas out
in the blog there is no worry if the story comes full circle or if it runs into a dead end
after all....it is just a BLOG

it is a strange Catch 22....
my boss more than likely does not understand or more importantly appreciate my need to BLOG, yet I am also sure that he does not want to hear my mouth running on about nothing all day

today at a fancy holiday lunch with some folks from work I failed to contain my mind wandering ramblings, well for the most of the lunch I listened with sincere interest as one of my bosses told various interesting and unique anecdotes

there was some talk about smoking and the movement of so many areas to go smoke free
I made an addition here and a comment there all worth sharing there
then I started in on a very GWADZILLA-ESQUE rant
started babbling about how smokers love to flick their filter filled cigarette butts into the street or onto the sidewalk
how there could quite easily be a measure of the average of each smokers litter of each day, each week, into each month, until it is finally a year
I made the completely random estimate that each smoker could easily create a trash bag full of polyester cigarette filters
most of which roll off the sidewalk into the street, only to rest in the gutter, to be washed down the sewer and into the Potomac River
there was no effort to get heavy handed with the rant, but we had all had seafood for lunch, 5 or the 7 of us ordered crab of one kind of another while I think that the others may have ordered Rock Fish....all of which were more than likely born, raised, and caught in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where the Potomac River would eventually dump all the polution that it can carry
I admitted to my own imperfections
there were a few questions which included the disposal of my used and chewed gum
but I thought it was all irrelevant as I was only talking about smokers
polluting is not one of my faults of which I have many

we also touched upon the topics of fuel consumption and commuting
again I was not making any friends

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