Which is worse...the symtoms or the cure?

this morning was not entirely unlike most morning
lisa was up and about the house already accomplishing more things in her morning than I will achieve all day
grant was back in bed napping after being awake half the night
while dean was well entertained by mommy once she got back from walking the dogs
dad (me) on the other hand was happy that Dean preferred Mommy on this morning as that gave me a few more minutes of sleep before staggered out of bed in search of a few gallons of coffee to jumpstart my system
once up and in the kitchen standing at the coffee pot the way a Barfly stands by the bar I could hear Dean complaining
this little three and a half year old man was trying to cure his hick-ups with a glass of water but having no luck
the holding his breath trick had not worked either
so I called him into the kitchen where I promised to cure his hick-ups
as I heard the footsteps growing more near I crouched down on the kitchen floor
then as he rounded the corner into the kitchen I leaped towards him unleashing a monsterous BOO!
Dean jumped out of his skin spilling his water all over the shirt he has chosen for the day
immediately the hickups were gone but tears were in their place
I picked him up and tried to apologize
large tears rolled down his rosie cheeks and he huffed and puffed
no so much from being scared but because his shirt was wet

we found him another shirt
got the tears to stop
and headed off to school

once at school I retold the story to Dean and his class
it was funny to tell it again
only to scare the class with that same BOO!
letting them know in the end the hick ups were gone

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