the admission of guilt has been blogged about before
guilty as charged
I am a cyclist
as a cyclist I ride bikes, I have bikes, I travel by bike, I have bike clothes, I have bike gear
the bicycle is part of me
the bicycle is part of my life
cycling can often be a topic of converstation
cyclist have all been asked this question before at a party..... usually by a stranger..... "I am in the market for a new bike..... blah blah blah....."
well... in my many years of life this is a question that I have entertained with great energy, great care, and great time
at this point in my life I hate this question
been asked it before
answered it before
the answer tends to be forgotten before morning
the person who asked the question knowing that they are going to do whatever they want to do without any logic or reason....
without giving a care what some drunk stranger told them at a party or a bar
most of these people have no intention of making that purchase any time soon!
(if at all.)

so when I was asked that question last night I was glad that I felt comforable enough to let it be known that the question in question was not going to be answered unless it is asked in a bike shop with the credit card in hand

no, not so I get a commission
no, so that I know that my time, energy, and thought are not being wasted (again)

okay.... I have a drink to drink
then I have a bed to go to
and on top of all that I have to go to work tomorrow.... yes... on sunday
such is life being me

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