Although it does not happen often
it makes me happy when it does

so I sat down after a long day okay... not a long day just a average day which in this stage of life can be long rich but long....

let me back this up a bit....

so after waking up at 7:15 with dean and grant as Lisa tried to leave off for work
then walking the dogs as Soledad took grant along with her to drop dean off at his daycare/school
on the bike for a short several zip code urban commute.... that is not very far
a day of work where there was some stuff that need to be done and was done
enough was done that I was able to get out of work a few minutes early
even with the threat of rain in an already moist and muggy day
it was just too warm to pass up the chance to get a few miles on the bike
with the ground wet there are no dirt options so I figured I could just pedal
no matter where or how far
more about duration
a great way to shed the day
30 minutes is not enough.... an hour and the mind starts to loosen... and every minute after an hour is medicine
so with maybe too much gear for a dangerously warm day that leaves me asking...
"is it a nice day or is it global warming"
not sure but I think it may have broken 70 degrees
muggy in January? go figure
so I rode
nothing dramatic.... nothing great
just pushed the Rocky Mountain Blizzard, knobbies and all, up north along the Potomac on the Capitol Crescent Trail
a trail that I am familiar with in its previous form of a railroad
up to Bethesda Avenue in downtown Bethesda
right by the Air Rights building
AOPA..... the Air Rights Building.... a building build over the tracks with "air rights" .... my Tom Sawyer stomping grounds
where I crushed pennies, hopped the train, and even had bonfires
foolishly massive bonfires
bonfires in downtown Bethesda under the air rights building?
stupid? yes.
big deal?
maybe my stupidity was equally balanced with luck
well..... that was an age before we measured days by terrorist threat levels
turned around and took the same trail back from Bethesda to Georgetown
all downhill... well nearly
considered peeling off the unneeded gortex shell pants
I was warmed up and it was warm out
perhaps I was overheating... sweating and soaking
but I did not want to be bothered
just pointed it down
like that old train I pushed it down that hill only slowing slightly as I crossed the two sets of streets
finally onto the bike path at Rock Creek Parkway for the final stretch only to take the shortcut through the zoo rather than the climb at Porter St. or Park Rd. that I had no feeling for at this moment
gritting my teeth as I encountered each lightless jogger and each lightless cyclist
fearing the worst for them and worse yet the worst for me
people with no helmet, no lights, no skill, and definitely no common sense
that makes for a dangerous scenario.... not tonight... but it will happen

got home to lisa about to feed the boys
I jumped right in
grant got more raisins and we shared a banana
everyone was eating raisins.... even the dogs... is that healthy? should dogs eat raisins
then the main course, raviolli
after dinner it was time for a shower
not a bad idea after a long day topped off with a grit sprinkling ride
so I climbed in first got all soaped up while I had dean start the night time routine
there were teeth to brush, clothes to change, and whatever to be put in the toilet
by the time Dean was done squeezing toothpaste everywhere, peeing on the toilet seat, and stepping on his brother hands....
I was done with the shower
the drain was plugged as Dean climbed in for a shower to bath transitions
only to be joined by grant after he gets a little shower time
no gymboree bubbles tonight
but the "keep it in the tub" rule was a reminder on my tongue
Dean loves to splash and play
at this moment he was filling and pouring water from container to container
a good game where he gets to explore all sorts of volume type measurement stuff
but.... he needs to be reminded to keep the water in the tub
lisa whisked grant away after some giggling and a scrub down
dean was entertained
I toweled dry and got dressed while he finished up he measurements and experiments
we then called my mother by his request so that they could talk about who knows what
he is only going to be this old once
so I figure I need to try and share him with his grandparents as much as possible
grandma seemed to enjoy the exchange
they talked about a variety of things including the sleep over he had this weekend past
three and a half and he had his first sleep over
they grow up so fast.... some faster than others
after a getting dressed I picked out some books and climbed into bed
well, climbed into bed after tucking Dean in and complaining that he was hogging the bed "in my space"
there I am beside him in that diminutive bed
using a variety of stuffed animals for pillows as I read him various classics whose titles slip my mind right now
it was late
I wanted the lights out
but Dean wanted to read some more
he wanted me to read to him
he wanted to read to me
I wanted to get something to eat
dinner had not happened for me yet
dean settled for reading to himself
I contemplated what there was to eat
considered getting something from the strip
there is some cheap Cheapie Chinese
some "mas excellente" Peruvian Chicken that is beyond "sobroso"
as well as few newbie hipster joints and all the classic Salvadoran places
Lisa needed some beer
so I leashed up the dogs for a walk up the block
there was not much time but I liked the challenge
it was nearly twenty minutes to 9
unsure if they sell carry out any later I had to move fast
but I wanted to pass by Tom's house to drop off some old clothes including a slightly worn Burley rain gear
out the back alley I took a left rather than right
went towards the new and soon to be locked private stairway shortcut
in my head I thought about the tenant I knew inside or the logic that a person walking dogs past their front door is like free security
then settled on saying good evening to anyone I passed
through the alley without meeting up with any of the 8 new condo tenants that now occupy the recently renovated concrete box that use to be apartments
onto Newton street onto Tom's porch
Roscoe and Brutus looked right past Hutch's wagging tail straight at the kittens
no time to knock
we have a deadline
no time to pee
no time to poop
no bag
brutus pooped
even after Lisa walked the dogs in the woods!
dam dog!
karma will kick in.... I am sure to step in poop five times for each time I fail to pick up my dog's poop
(normally I would scan the front porches for morning newspapers in plastic bags... no time for that)
no bag... this rain will wash that poop away
no raingear
well... I just dropped off some rain gear
but I can deal
march the dogs and tie them up out front of the Argyle Market within a less than appreciated old style apartment complex
a building well worth a step back to access
inside to grab a six pack of lisa's favorite, Sierra Nevada
can the shelves
I want it all
but do not give into the craving
as much as I want some cheetos
best I have dinner first
straight down park road
over the deck into the back door
straight to the fridge to grab some makings for dinner
two grilled cheese sandwiches and now some Wood Chuck Cider
feet up
wireless internet
television and nothing to watch
nothing to watch since I managed to catch an awesome animated feature on PBS
Still Life with Animated Dogs
it is worth checking out
look for it and set your TEVO
or for those without such technology
check your local listings and set your calendar on your Palm
no Palm?
get a sharpie and write it down on the back of your hand

after following that hot tip for that entirely original animated piece
take a look at this moving feature about a world class surfer
also on PBS, Rell Sun
almost guaranteed to inspire you and draw a tear

time to publish and post
finish this drink
go put my head on the pillow
good night

what doesn't happen often?
it is not common for TV to offer something so entertaining
I must look for this feature again

an epic feature
maybe not everyone can appreciate it
it is worth checking to see if this magic could touch you
dog owners may have even a tad more interest
still life with animated dogs

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