Blogging at Work....
to blog or not to blog... is there a question?
my life would be different without the BLOG
so would work

today I spent more time reading BLOGS then writing BLOGS
most of my time on GOOGLE searching the topic of people getting fired for BLOGGING AT WORK...

well... it is far more regular than I would like to think

women fired for BLOGGING about work
the images that got her fired
an article she wrote

more local less west
this women got fired from her job on Capitol hill
apparently she was sleeping around and blogging about it
some images of Jessica of the Sex Scandal Blog

and her BLOG
she scored a book deal to write about her writing about her scoring on Capitol Hill

in the UK this guy got fired

this mom got fired from her Web Design Job for her BLOG
she is a yummy mummy and funny too!
mom finds out about BLOG

and totally unrelated

more cool tool reviews at WOOT

As important as THE BLOG may be to my day to day experience
it is not nearly as important as THE JOB
with that said....
back to work

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