well... not all Clydesdales
not even most of the Clydesdales
just the Clydesdale Mountainbikers
well.... just the Male Clydesdale Mountainbikers
more specificaly the ones that are fast and fit and of course legit
lets break it down a little further
just a tad more specific
the ones who would be interested in joining my Clydesdale Team for the 24 Hours of Big Bear in West Virginia
currently I have three slots fillled
things are looking like I like it
I am going to be the slow guy on a fast team!
chris and john are going to make me look good

any and all interested feel free to contact me via my yahoo email

gwadzilla8 at yahoo dot com

what is a CLYDESDALE?

according to Britannica.com...

Pronunciation: 'klIdz-"dAl
Function: noun
Date: 1786
: a heavy draft horse with feathering on the legs of a breed orig. from Clydesdale, Scotland

in the world of mountainbiking it is a racer who is above 200 pounds
(I have heard that out west the measure is 220.... either way I make the mark)

Granny Gear has moved again!
Their once Canaan..... then Snowshoe... is now Big Bear West Virginia
their site is down
I hope that is not a symbol or a statement!

it would take more than chris and john to make me look good
but we will have fun and we should be fast

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