cct or the cct of fc va

okay I bag on virginia and all
but I must give them credit on their park systems
I don't know enough about it
but I would use my uneducated opinion to say that their perspective and actions with their parks are progressive
there are definitely things about suburbia
I am a big fan of public parks
whether they be for skateboarding or basketball
dc is coming around slowly
I wonder if a mountainbike park could ever be in our future
it just makes sense
maybe the NPS would offer some land in DC along the C&O Canal down by Fletchers
there are already many trails for illegal fishing and netting
and the area is on such a decline maybe some intentional preservation may be to its advantage
okay that is unlikely
but I do see some trips to VA in my future
WAW most definitely
sure I missed the CX Race this season past in Fiarfax
but I will be pulling into the lot of the Water Mine with my boys this summer!
I had heard DT digitally ramble on about the CCT... but I had no idea what he was talking about


this drunken ramling was inspired by graham (worth a look)

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