Comments to the Cycling Dude....

The Cycling Dude had a post about Proper attire.....

this is how I responded

proper attire is vital....
no one wants to show up at a black tie affair in a duck costume
no one wants to go out into the cold wind and snow wearing shorts, fingerless gloves, and a t-shirt
two major gear advances of the past many years
Gortex and polypropylene
and if you are "old school" remember.... cottons kills! wool for warmth
good gear last years....
you may not wear that balaclava everyday... but you will be happy to have it on the days when you need it
I have several balaclavas of different thickness
also a variety of gloves
overdressing can be as deadly as under dressing....
dress for the occasion
no need for that black tie at a backyard barbeque
no need for artic gear if it is only 40 degrees outside
for longer rides it is often wise to have the right gear in your pack "just in case!"
during my short stints in the Bay area and in Colorado I learned that the temperatures can change in a second....
in the Bay area the afternoon fog rolls in like clockwork
and the temperature drops fast
full finger gloves and a shell may be all you need to keep things pleasurable
now Colorado can be a little more extreme, but the same basic principle

let me see
what are some good links?

MEC in Canada (great exchange rate for us folks in the US)
both my jacket and pants are from them... SOLID!
LAKE winter shoes (I just got some and love em..... a bit pricey... but I do not expect my feet to grow)
hmmm.... what else do I wear that is winter specific?
well... my gloves are less than perfect... people rant and rave over these
Pearlizumi Lobster Gloves
and of course some good socks, good jersey, arm warmers, and skull cap from your maker of choice

and check out the Cycling Dude
he has some great links
an interesting perspective

when I get a chance tomorrow I want to read some of this guys stuff.... it has been a while since I checked out the rants on FEARLESSGEARLESS

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