Dormant Volcano?
or just a overheating pressure cooker?
either way it was not pretty!

this weekend past was a weekend for which many weekends should be modeled
during the whole weekend many major bullet points were hit
all sorts of goals were achieved
the weekend was a major success.....
until Sunday night I FREAKED OUT on my family
more specifically I freaked out on my brother and my step mother

the long hike with Grant on my back with the dogs running free at Great Falls on the Maryland side combined with a night with Dean away on his first sleep over.... along with both Lisa and myself both attending Yoga on Saturday was not enough to keep me from having a total MELT DOWN at my father's house while we attended another get together for my brother's birthday

the specifics of the event are not to be shared
it was an embarrassing spectacle that I have already tried to repair
but more importantly
how do I avoid future melt downs?

guess more specifics would be needed if I really wanted any advice.....

no specifics needed as it was just stupid family bullshit
I will just have to credit the holiday season and all the times I held my breath finally built up and exploded

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