End of a old year start of a new....

no time to blog
children scampering at my feet
dogs tap dancing about with full bladders
lisa got up early to start taking down the tree
seems she needed extra fuel for this task as there is no coffee left in the pot
guess that is what I deserve for sleeping late

best I take the dogs out
not for a walk as much for a pee (and yes a poo)
as lisa and I have scheduled a babysitter for the afternoon so we can chew our food over lunch
then hike together rather than one hiking while the other watches the boys

went to Gambril yesterday
things do not always go as planned
but if you stay the course they often work out just the same
rode with my brother and a friend named dave
my focus just was not there
lacking that "eye of the tiger" approach to the rock gardens
took it for granted that I had the miles of technical behind me
kept crashing into the rocks in front of me
perhaps I am more in tune with a the rigid monkey than the front suspension geared monkey
or at least that is the best excuse I can formulate at this time
went over the handlebars at least three times
slow speed ejector seat style
not so slow speed that I did not have to run it out
as I did
always happy to finish the crash without injury to me or my bike
also glad that I was able to go over the handlebars and land on my feet
shocked that my clumsy old body can get over the tall bars of that big old bike

ran into fellow dirt fiend Jason
he was out at Gambril with his dad
not a bad way to start the year
out with his dad... introducing his dad to some amazing terrain... getting his dad stoked on the year of riding in front of him
already dreaming of the next Shenandoah Mountain 100.. them... not me


time to be responsible

so much to blog about
so little time
I may start jotting down epic blog notes
so that I can expand upon them when I have time


just the same list of hopes and desires as the days before
if I can keep my life headed the direction it is going
perhaps smooth out the edges a bit
then 2005 will be as awesome as 2004
my life is on a roll
best I just enjoy it and ride it

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