last weekend before my Volcanic Eruption....
okay it may have been the underground nuclear testing that woke the sleeping volcano....
I was greeted at my father's house by a a stack of shoe boxes with my FOOTBALL CARD COLLECTION along with some random Baseball Cards

I have not gone through and organized all of these cards
time has treated them well
they are all pretty much in the condition I left them in
if they had a dog bite in them 30 years ago.... they still have a dog bite in them
most of them are package new
the scent of bubble gum has long been lost
but they are still unfaded and pretty crisp

now here is my problem.....
I want to sell these cards for as much as possible with as little effort as possible
any tips?

and please do not say eBAY
I have avoided another electronic addiction
okay.... say eBAY if that is the best option


Lee said...

i have a friend here who is huge into cards, i'll find out some info and get back to you....

Lee said...

www.beckett.com My understanding is, this is the authority in card values... good luck. J, the hockey card collector (has a closet in his house dedicated to them) says not to eBay or hit a local card shop until you know the value for yourself. Beckett offers a magazine and the web site for each sport. He showed me a magazine for hockey cards and it was very imformative! Good Luck! Maybe you have run across a gold mine there.