go figure.....

last weekend dean and I went sledding on saturday, sunday, and then a quick session in the morning with the dogs before work then again with Dean sporting a Petzl after work on Monday night

sledding on top of all the other outdoor snow related activities
which for me included some cross country skiing


we got a very wet DC style snow
that is... when it snows but it is 40 degrees the next day
I was all pumped to go sledding
Dean helped me tape up that broken piece of plastic that we call a sled
vital!!!! teaching the kids early that most things can be fixed with tape
well to my surprise
Dean was not interested.....
there was not getting him to go sledding
which was fine as we were booked for a morning into the afternoon birthday party at his buddy maggie's house on capitol hill
offered after the prospect of sledding after the party and a 15 minute nap
Dean was not interested
well he was not interested until we saw a mob of people on a hill at Fort Reno park as we drove to pick up my mom for an evening birthday event at Magiannos
Dean missed his window of opportunity
and with the weather of the week
we may have missed our window of opportunity

hope we get another shot at sledding before the season is up

I love that stuff!
it is good fun

we did have some fun building some snow men casted out of a recycling bin base as a bucket form for the head
dean got great joy in adding the standar stick arms, celery eyes, and carrot nose
which may have been topped with a winter session on the back deck in and around the clubhouse that my father built
the crown jewel of his deck project
that moment proved that his efforts were right on the mark
dean with leo, alec, elijah, roscoe, and brutus
the snow added to the imagination of the event
although I could not tell you the game that they were playing

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