I am wrecked...

I am wrecked
no, not that feeling like I just got back from playing football with the boys
playing football with the boys is something I don't do any more, but it is a feeling I can remember
the double cross country ski yesterday left me stiff
that was on top of a morning yoga session as well as all that it means to be a father of two with two active dogs on a snow day
so today most of my energy was expended sledding with Dean, chasing Dean, or chilling with Dean, Grant, Lisa, Roscoe, and Brutus

considered a night assualt on Rock Creek Park for a little more fun on the snow
I think I did my body good this weekend
yoga, the skiing, and all the running around
enough is enough..... a little more may bring me past the point of pleasure
red wine is what I am headed for... not the petzl and the skies

check out this awesome photo exhibit....
beautiful photography
amazing images of amazing places
so well orchestrated
such amazing design


stole the link.... I mean discovered the link... or maybe turned onto the link by VELORUTION

let the Spencer Tunick images be a WHERE'S WALDO of bicyclist.... only.... Waldo only makes one appearance instead of every page.....

I wonder how Spencer Tunick feels about Andrew Goldsworthy (sorry.... could not find the official site)
I wonder how Andrew Goldsworthy feels about Jeff Foxsworthy?

listening to some good background music.... perhaps the perfect mood music for this blog entry
gundog99 set the links to the MP3s.... a good mix.... wise I had a play all button

will have to continue with the music
and more to reading... not writing blogs
need to keep my hands free for sipping wine


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