Inagural Bullshit....

last night I rode home on the bike as many people were going out to one of the many Inagural Balls
the roads that were open were clogged with all sorts of limos
the limos were filled with old men with slutty young women
the sidewalks were jammed with men in tuxedos and women in sequen-coated dresses
old republicans I could understand
young republicans freak me out

the limo drivers are as professional as the cab drivers
totally oblivious to the world around them
add snow....
their already below average IQ drops even further
not sure if it is the cold... but their necks are frozen... not a twist or a turn
just pull out and hit the gas

it was somewhat interesting

there were search lights scanning the sky

there were police on every corner

motorcades rushing through the streets
cars and people parting like the Red Sea
some motorcades with important people
most motorcades with people who consider themselves important
security for people that no one knows who they are

it was madness

I was relieved to finally get out of the madness of downtown
it was a pleasure to exhale and ride up 14th Street where I only had to worry about the usual drivers and the crack heads on the corner
never know what crack head is going to see my bike and see dollar signs

as I moved slowly up the hill I watched and anticipated the worst
always look for the worst
waiting for the worst may help to prevent the worst
there was brawl on the corner... but not my concern
not sure if that burley man was hitting the other burley man or if he was hitting that fat women who looked like she was begging for something...
car alarms were going off....
jaywalkers stepped off the curb without even looking
lucky for them I can anticipate them
young kids doing young kid stuff at Clifton Terrace... do they know that they are living at ground zero? do they know that the president just got inagurated for another 4 years? what does the future hold for them?
I run lights past police officers.... thinking that they have greater concerns than me... hopeing that they have greater concerns than me
finally the home stretch
cars past me fast and close....
I grit my teeth and think... I live on this street... I own a house on this street....
you are on my street....
go back to where ever you came!
would you want me to drive down your street passing you as you passed me....

but that is another issue for another blog
the car driver does not see a person
they see the bicyclist which is just another obstacle

boss just walked in
best get with the program

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