It is like that movie Groundhog Day....
and other various ramblings

it seems that the trash continues to collect on the edges of the wooded park across the street from my Mount Pleasant home
to me it is unclear if it is the same set of people littering or if people who eat at these places are more prone to littering than the people who shop and dine elsewhere...

McDonalds, Budweiser, and wrappings from 7-11 style microwave goods are always popular pieces of trash
while it is more seldom that I find Whole Foods packaging or Dom Perignon bottles

trash and intentional littering are definitely pet peeves of mine
as well as speeding cars driven by ignorant and incosiderate people

sure we all may go for some change in our lint filled pockets and lose a small candy wrapper to the wind
or open our car window for a breath of fresh air only to find the wind come swirling through the diver's compartment only to wisk away an empty plastic bag

but what about the people who intentionally toss trash about without any care?
don't they realize that this all adds up?
you would not believe how many times I have seen some home boy or some home girl stopped at a light waiting for the light to turn green... their door pops open and out drops the container from whatever fast food joint they have just chosen to feel their immediate hunger needs
I have said things... but... these folks do not want to hear it and I do not what to hear their rebutal so I try to keep it to myself

the most obvious of these 'litter bugs' would have to be THE SMOKERS
I have seen that these smokers get great pleasure from flicking their cigarette butts into the wind or less artfully onto the sidewalk, into the street, and down the gutter

sure there are janitors and cleaning personal hired to pick up around the office buildings
in DC there are even these people in yellow jackets called the GOLDEN TRIANGLE that wander the streets offerering directions to tourists and picking up trash on the sidewalks
but.... just because someone is paid to pick up trash does not mean that anyone has a right to create more trash

it is neither clever or cute to claim that tossing about various trash is creating such jobs

somewhere along the line someone's mom did not manage to get the point across
I have seen kids with their parents throw trash on the ground
where the parents do not say anything
guess that is why the ghetto looks like the ghetto and the third world looks like the third world

now with Christmas behind us there will be the dumping of various holiday related decorations
now days the trees are being sold with tree stands
so I will expect to see more and more trees dumped in Rock Creek Park with lights and tree stands attached
I would try to give people the benefit of the doubt for not knowing any better
if they did not think that such behavior is wrong then why do they do this illegal dumping after midnight?


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stupid said...

I HATE riding or driving behind someone and seeing them toss out a cigerette butt. Thier dam car has it's own flippin ashtray, use the stupid thing.