Just trying to hang on.....

yesterday..... last night after work to be more specific I left from work
it was cold
cold and wet
misty... not raining per se... but wet just the same
I was one of those fools on his bike in shorts
had a rain jacket on
but shorts and 3/4 finger gloves
those warm days prior fooled me yesterday morning
with my lights charged and no plans for the evening I could not help but go for a ride
the ride was short, but not as short as my straight shot commute home
my knees were chilly and my hands were starting to go knumb
but I know that I am not much for the trainer and it is vital that I get at least three post work rides each week.... at this point no one is counting... best I start paying closer attention to my work outs and my waistline

I have no issues with being a CLYDESDALE
but I do not want to be FAT AND SLOW..... one or the other..... not both

as much as I did not want to ride in the cold and the wet
it is too easy to give into the excuses
sure I could have easily justified my going straight home
by thinking that going straight home would keep me from catching a cold
or saying to myself, "days off are as important as days on!"
there is an excuse everyday not to ride
there are happy hours with friends
got to rush home to be with the family
it is too cold
it is too hot
it is too nice
the excuses to not ride is never ending
the reasons to ride...... well, my reasons are my own

at this point I think that I RIDE BECAUSE I RIDE

and if I do not ride
then I am not me

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