Kindered Spirits....

this morning as I went to do some work in some of the offices that we have stationed in the building next door, while waiting for the elevator I took a look at the front entry way as a cyclist made his way with his bicyle through the front door

being a cyclist I tend to eyeball any and all cyclists within view

within seconds I recognized the rider in all of his gortex garb.... it is a fellow commuter John Shovelan

John and I had met some time ago on a cold dark winter night last year
over the year we encountered each other several times
each time more and more information of the other being shared
ontop of that information John also shared a patch and some glue to help me fix my bike after I ran over a "boobie trap" on some rogue trails on the Maryland/DC border just off the C&O Canal

what is interesting about john is that we often skip over the common ground of bicycling and move to the topic of fatherhood

here is a link to an online journal that John kept when he rode his bicycle cross country earlier this year
it sounded like an epic adventure
so inspirational that he was able to step away from work and family to take on such a journey

the cross country bicycle journey is on my life list
seeing how John was able to approach it and his families understanding makes it more of a consideration

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Lee said...

I don't know that i should admit this at work, but i just spent the morning reading all of John's journal. What a cool adventure. At this point in my life, i can only dream that one day i could take a trip like across the country with nothing but a bike and a credit card.