need to read this later
when my mind is right for reading

Chemical Brothers (article)

seen them several times
something about the Chemical Brothers
don't get me wrong I love the music.... but it is not that they are the best band making the music, but they are one of the best at what they do.....
and what do they do?!?!?!
they rock the house
the songs rock.... but that is only a fraction of the event
the sites
the sounds
the overpowering base where ear plugs are a must
base so loud that your lungs feel like woofers
ears ringing to wednesday
permanent damage if not careful
that is what I am talking about

I could see the Chemical Brothers next pass through town as an excuse to go out and shake my money maker

other music.... local music.... DC music
Fort Knox

and on the other side of the musical "tracks"
Discord Records
on that same tip born from that same seed....
French Toast
Retisonic (a archive BLOG about Jason Farrell of Retisonic plus image)

BLACKCAT (the new and improved... okay... NEW!)
sure..... it is not the NEW BLACKCAT... but remember.... it is still the NEW 9:30 Club
you know what.... I know more about Romper Room at this point in my life than DC bars
so I will BLOG no further

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