New Template....
so I tried a few different templates
there was a funky one with some hip and color multicolored dots
thought maybe I could fool people into thinking I was the first METROSEXUAL APE!
it had a good feel to it
but.... it did not display correctly on my MAC
tried in both IE and NETSCAPE
this morning I tried a few other templates
settled in on this one
I like the text entries to be on a white background as it makes it more clean when I add an image that is on a white background

enough with that post
let me get the COMMENTS from Halo Scan back up and going
and people can send me their links and perhaps some other well needed advice on how to make my BLOG a better place to visit


oh.... lee..... I checked out that Football/Baseball card site.....
still not sure what to do
do you know of any bike shops that will let me buy bike stuff with old Baseball and Football cards?
that would be most easy
just cut out the middleman!

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